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Dec 21 2017 11:10:48:393AM

We wish You all a Merry Christmas

We wish you all a Merry Christmas

Dec 13 2017 11:56:33:673AM

PropNex Blue Care Foundation Presents "Nonton Bareng" Coco

PropNex Bl

Nov 30 2017 02:44:02:500PM

Star Performers Group's Award Dinner - Sept & Oct 17

Star Perfor

Nov 20 2017 04:27:57:780PM

Our Achievements, We are Still The Best One

Our Achievements, We are Still The Best One<

Nov 20 2017 04:28:37:833PM

One United Spirit by PropNex Indonesia

Nov 20 2017 04:20:18:220PM

Open House on October 28-29th, 2017

Open House on October

Nov 20 2017 04:16:53:483PM

PropNex's Recruitment Fair. You Should be NEX!

PropNex's Recruitment

Nov 20 2017 04:12:02:030PM

Leadership Bootcamp, Our Ultimate Breakthrough!

Leadership Bootcamp in Singapore. The

Nov 20 2017 04:05:56:593PM

We Welcome our 5th Batch PropNexians

Welcoming our

Nov 20 2017 04:01:41:353PM

PropNex's Open House, Your Best Listings

PropNex's Open House, Y

Nov 20 2017 03:56:52:450PM

Star Performers' Breakfast with CEO

Star Performers'

Nov 20 2017 04:13:57:540PM

Star Performers' Groups Award Dinner


Nov 20 2017 03:15:56:623PM

Selamat Datang, PropNex Home. Keluarga Baru Kami di Jakarta.

Aug 21 2017 04:02:44:817PM

Join PropNex's Professional StartUp Program

PropNex's Professiona

Jun 17 2017 10:29:13:653AM

Blue Care Foundation Ramadhan's Charity

Blue Care Foundation Ram

Jun 15 2017 01:48:13:750PM


Jun 15 2017 01:28:28:947PM

Intiland Raih Penghargaan CSR dari Pemprov DKI Jakarta

Intiland Raih Penghargaan CSR dari P

Jun 12 2017 04:07:28:930PM

PropNex Resmi Menjadi Agen Real Estat Terbesar di Singapura

May 19 2017 03:11:37:897PM

Reach Your Targets & Join Our '17 Reward Trip to Shanghai

May 18 2017 11:21:12:760AM

Upgrade Yourself, Register & Join Our Sales BootCamp

May 18 2017 11:11:18:183AM

The Lana's Exclusive Gala Dinner on May 23rd 2017

May 4 2017 10:21:56:503AM

Visit The Lana's Expo at Galaxy Mall, May 8-14th 2017

May 4 2017 10:25:16:957AM

Visit Voila's Exhibition@Ciputra World Surabaya, 1-14th May 2017

Apr 28 2017 01:32:33:793PM

Welcome to Our Family, PropNex Pakuwon City

Apr 22 2017 02:22:28:820PM

Improving Ourselves through The Advance Sales Training

Apr 22 2017 02:24:04:167PM

Congratulations to The 4th Batch of Sales Basic Training

May 4 2017 10:26:45:740AM

PropNex Indonesia Congratulates Klaska's Main Gate Opening

May 4 2017 10:27:04:723AM

The Grandest Event - The Opening of PropNex Indonesia

Apr 20 2017 11:11:51:897AM

Leadership Bootcamp at The Camp Challenge, Singapore

Apr 13 2017 05:20:24:340PM

PropNex Annual Convention 2017

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